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How to Prepare

Your session is booked and your counting down the days until your session! Set yourself and your pet up for the most successful photo day by knowing what to expect and how to best prepare for the big day!

very happy yellow lab mix with tongue out inside park in New York with white clean teeth


Before anyone gets in front of the camera, they always get a little spruced up. The same is true for our pups! They want to look their absolute best for their glamour shots. I suggest grooming for my long and curly haired friends, and a simple bath for the short haired pups a few days or more before the shoot. *Avoid grooming the day of the session as it can be a little too much for one day.* For doodle breeds specifically, I recommend having the groomer trim around the eyes and the top of the muzzle so the sparkle isn't hidden behind long bangs and super fluff!

cute boston terrier sleeping under the covered between legs with feet and toes and flower sheets cuddling

a tired dog is a Good Dog

Photo sessions are very exciting! There are treats and toys and sunshine, oh my! All this stimulation can be overwhelming for dogs. Even more so if they haven't been exercised. I highly recommend taking high energy dogs for a long walk, jog or to the park before we meet. That way, when they arrive for their session, they are (potentially!) cooler, calmer and more collected.

pit bull mix breed dog chewing on bone toy on

Feeding Suggestions

During sessions I use a lot of treats to get your dog's attention. This works even better with a hungry pup!  Also, If your pup has dietary restrictions, please let me know in advance. You can bring along approved treats or even a bunch of their dog kibble. The more amazing the treat, the more effective the results. Think: hot dogs or boiled chicken. We want very high reward foods! Send me an email or text if you have questions about what to bring.

dalmatian puppy standin between legs of girl on crosswalk in ne york with chucks converse shoes and blue jeans in black and white

What to Wear

Be yourself, and wear what you're comfortable in! I always try to get a few photos of you with your pet, so I suggest dressing in something you will love! Be ready to walk from one location to another. Most importantly, dress for the weather, we can always swap out a pair of shoes for a quick photo or put a jacket aside for a moment.


What to Bring

I will have everything we need, so aside from yourself and your pup you don't need to bring anything!

It is helpful if you have a simple collar for your pet. I often like to swap them in during sessions to avoid bulky distracting harnesses for pups that need to stay on leash. 

If you would like to have your dog wear something special, bring that with you. If your dog has allergies or food restrictions, bring along some approved treats or food. 

cute fluffy chow chow puppy in green bush watching somthing in distance

Be ready to help

You know your dog better than anyone and they trust you the most so during shoots you will be an active part in getting great shots. We will discuss ahead of time some of the things you will be involved with and how to make sure we get the best results. The most important thing during a session is to stay happy and have fun so you pet can channel that same energy! 

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