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Animals were my first love, fascination and passion, long before I picked up a camera. I started photographing our family pets when I was about 8 years. I loved those furballs so much, and now that they have all passed, I am so thankful for those photo albums.


All these years later, I have found a way to take the things I love most and turn them into this dream career. Nothing brings me more joy than capturing the personality, beauty and love our pets bring to the world so we can have those memories with us forever. 

I live in Brooklyn with my sweet pup, Elly, a rescued Boston Terrier and Pickle, a hilarious and lovable kitten who defied the odds and survived a deadly virus after being abandoned on the streets of New York. 

As if I didn't have enough furball love in my life already, I am also a Licensed Veterinary Nurse. I have worked for the past 10 years with general practices, shelters and in emergency medicine helping to treat sick companion animals. 

Having worked with animals for years in both the artistic and veterinary capacity as well as having loved many pets of my own, I have a unique and extensive understanding of dog behavior and the human animal bond. I really, really get how much you love your dog.


Over the years, I have been a first hand witness to how short our time is together, which has made my work in photography all that more meaningful and significant. I know how incredibly special these photographs will be today and 20 years from now. 

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