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Frequently Asked Questions

  • My dog doesn't know sit or other commands. Can I still book a session?
    YES! Absolutely. 100% Dogs will be dogs and that’s why I love working with them! They are silly, playful, goofy and often a bit unpredictable which results in some pretty unique and sometimes unexpected shots! My camera will be capturing them at 1/1000th of a second. With such fast shutter speeds, you never have to worry we won’t get the shot. I also have acquired some pretty nifty tricks to get their attention just at the right moment and secrets to help them to stay when we really need it. Safety is the single most important thing during my sessions, so any leashes or arms in the photo that were necessary to get the shot can be removed in post editing!
  • How do I book a session?
    First, shoot me an email at and we will decide a good time to speak on the phone. This is a great opportunity to hear a bit more about what kind of artwork you are looking for, about your sweet pup and answer any additional questions you might have. We will also pick a session date as well as a rain date in case of bad weather. Once we are all set, I will send you a link to a private client portal where you can fill out contracts, booking forms and make payments all in one place! The portal also has resources for you to read to prepare yourself for the session and walk you through the steps leading up to your photo shoot day!
  • How far in advance should I book my session?
    I recommend booking 2-3 months in advance to secure your desired date. Booking is not considered secured until a $100 deposit is put down. This deposit will then go toward your booking fee. *For senior, elderly or terminally ill pets I will always do everything in my power to fit you in as soon as possible. Contact me immedietly for scheduling.
  • Do you make special accommodations for elderly or terminally ill pets?
    Yes, it is incredibly important to me that we capture these fleeting moments with your pet. That means, I will do everything in my power to fit you in, even if it means moving things around. Depending on the capabilities of your pet, we can hold the session where it will be easiest and most comfortable for them. I suggest contacting me to discuss the details and immediate scheduling.
  • How should I prepare for the session?
    The short version: 1. Tell your pet you have a fun day planned a month in advance. 2. Remind them the fun day is coming a week before your session. 3. A day or two before, get them a nice grooming and bath. IMPORTANT: Don't forget to trim around the eyes for our long haired friends!! 4. A few hours prior, take doggie for a really long walk, jog, jaunt or whatever will get out that excess energy. A tired dog is a good dog! 5. Get dressed in neutral solid colors that are weather appropriate. Wear comfy shoes and if it's been wet outside, wear boots that can take the mud! 5. Strap on fido's most unobtrusive and discrete collar and head out to your session! For a more detailed explanation, check out the long version here!
  • What should I bring to the shoot?
    Really, you only need yourself and your pet! Feel free to bring along favorite toys, treats and any accessories you may want in some photos. I will have tons of puppy approved (read: obsessed) doggie treats as well as toys, water bowls, poo bags and even a towel for those messy moments. There is nothing I didn't think of.
  • Can you photograph more than one dog per session?
    Exclusive Session: Yes, you may include 2 pets from the same household in one session. For each additional pet there is a fee of $100. Grand Session: Yes, you may include 2 pets from the same household in one session. For each additional pet there is a fee of $100 that will go toward your product credit. Boutique Sessions: Each session is only 20 minutes and additional pets must be booked individually. Mini session slots book up quickly. If you have multiple pets I recommend signing up for my newsletter to be the first to know about upcoming dates and availability.
  • What kind of collar should my dog wear?
    To prioritize both safety and exceptional photographs, I recommend having your dog wear it's normal harness or collar to get to the shooting location. Then when we get started we can switch into a simple collar which I can remove in post processing! If you have a special collar or accessory you'd like to include in some photos, feel free to bring that along as well!
  • What if it rains on our scheduled session date?
    When we book our session, we will also pick a rain date! I will be in touch with you the day before (for AM sessions) or the morning of (for PM sessions) to postpone if necessary. If it rains on our rain date, we will pick another date until we get Mother Nature on our side!
  • How long is the photo shoot?
    Mini sessions are 20 minutes with the goal being to get one exquisite piece of artwork for you wall. Grand and Exclusive sessions are typically 90 minutes. However, if I feel it is beneficial or necessary to extend our session I will not hesitate to stay out longer. On the other hand, if we have gotten plenty of rockstar shots and your furball is dragging you to head home, we will decide together if it's best to call it a day.
  • How long until my photos are ready?
    When you book your session date, we will also choose a date for an in-person ordering session. This will take places approximately 2-3 weeks after your photo shoot. This is when you will get to see the images for the first time and choose the artwork in which to display them. It's a very exciting day that everyone looks forward to! Once your order is placed, expect to get your final artwork 4-8 weeks later!
  • What is the total investment for a photo shoot and artwork?
    With no session fee, your entire booking deposit goes toward artwork! Yes, you heard right! With that said, most people choose to invest between $700 and $1500. Many spend more, some spend less, with a minimum purchase of $499. Take a look at the different sessions you can book here and the gorgeous artwork you can choose from here.
  • How does payment work?
    Once you book your session, you will get an email with a link to your private online portal. Here, you can make payments securely, online, at your convenience through Paypal and Stripe.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    I do not offer payment plans at this time. The deposit for the Boutique mini session is only $49. That deposit is then applied as a credit toward artwork with a minimum purchase of $499. You can then choose to order more artwork at a later date. Your images will be available for future orders for up to 2 years!
  • Do you offer studio photo sessions?
    Not at this time. As an artist, I prefer the look and overall experience of photograping pets outdoors with natural light. Although it has its challenges and we can sometimes get rained out, I think it is totally worth the end result! So, to follow my heart and be in line with my artistic approach, I do not offer studio sessions at this time.
  • Where are you located?
    I am located in New York City, and I am available for photo shoots worldwide! I love to travel and I know you do to! Meet me in Rome, Tel Aviv, Paris, Amsterdam, Geneva, you name it! Are you lucky enough to live in one of these incredible places? I'll come to you! Check out more info on booking an International Expawdition!
  • Where do you have your photo shoots?
    Anywhere you want! Most of my session take place in a location not too far from your home, that your pet will feel safe and comfortable visiting. If you are located in New York City (or want to travel here for your session), I have some favorite spots that I know to have great light, not too many distractions or tourists that capture my notorious look. When shooting in the city, it is fun to get some shots in the streets with the the iconic NYC cabs and buildings and then move to a more quiet spot for nature shots. Not located in NYC? Be the first to know if I'll be coming to your city by joining my newsletter! If I don't have any scheduled dates in your neck of the woods, give me a holler and let's make it happen! Want to travel to a fun location for a shoot (Banff National Park, Lavender fields of France!!)? Live in Europe or some other far away land? Check out my page about International Expawditions!
  • Do you offer weekend and evening sessions?
    Yes and yes! I know that many of you are busy during the week and therefore, weekend and evening sessions are available. I hold most of my sessions about 2 hours before sunset or in the wee hours of the morning so we get that beautiful golden light while the sun is low in the sky. Just remember, sessions must take place during the light hours of the day. That means, "evening" can be closer to 4pm in the winter!! Keep this in mind when accessing your availability for booking. :)
  • Who is the photographer?
    Rachel Eve, that's me! I am a pawrent to my silly Boston Terrier, Elly and my bizzaro kitty, Pickle. We live in the big shiny apple of New York City! I absolutely adore animals; dogs, cats, rats you name it! I also love to capture their sweet little faces with my camera and somehow I was able to turn my two passions into a dream career. So what, I take absurdly cute pictures of your furry companions. Want to know my other superpower? Check out my full bio here!
  • Are prints included with the session fee?
    I have no session fees! For a Boutique ($49) or Grand ($499) session, 100% of your booking deposit becomes a print credit! That means you get to build a custom print package containing only your favorite pieces of art! If you are interested in a session with an artwork package included, check out my Exclusive Session! This session includes my most popular and best selling art products. Read more about the different sessions here!
  • What products do you offer?
    From framed floating canvas prints to vintage brass desk frames, there are products to fit everyone's style and home. Take a look at all the different wall art, albums and add-on artwork here!
  • How long are the images available for purchase?
    2-3 weeks after your photo shoot, we will have an in-person ordering session. Most of your purchases will be made at this time. After that, your images will be available for up to 2 years for additional purchases.
  • Do you offer digital files?
    Over the last 20 years, file storage has moved from the floppy disk to the CD and now to the flash drive. Who knows what will be in another 20 years and if you'll be able to access your precious photographs! I specialize in creating timeless artwork for your home. I loved how during my family holidays we would curl up on the couch and flip through old family albums. I want to give those memories to you as well. With all of that said, I understand the importance of digital images so, for every art piece purchased, the corresponding low-res file will be given for online sharing on social media, with family and friends. Hi-Res images are available on request in sets of 5, 10 or 15 with the purchase of a wall art piece.
  • Can I post my images on social media and online?
    Yes!! I love when people share their pet's photos on social media. For every product purchased, you will get the corresponding digital file to share with family and friends!
  • Can I use the images for commercial use?
    My images are for personal use only. If you are interested in commercial work (ads for your business, online marketing, a commercial site, etc...) please contact me for details and pricing. Additionally, images from personal sessions can be purchased for commercial use. The cost depends on many factors including the type of image, where it would be used and the duration of use.
  • Can I use the images for a photo contest?
    Photo contests would be considered commercial use and can not be used without permission by myself, the copyright holder. If you are interested in using an image for commercial use, please contact me for more details and pricing.
  • Do you offer gift certificates?
    Yes!! Pet photography sessions are one of the most unique and thoughtful gifts you can give a pet lover! Choose your gift certificate style and order one here!
  • What is your cancelation policy?
    Cancellations are subject to the loss of their deposit. I know things happen and therefore, if you must reschedule due to unforeseen circumstances your deposit will be applied to your new session date. In the heartbreaking case that your pet has fallen ill or crossed the rainbow bridge, 100% of your deposit will be returned to you.


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